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Urrkii Airsoft Mosfet Kit G3 Programmable for Airsoft Air BB Guns AEG Electric Airsoft Gun Pistol Air Metal Rifle Tactical Part

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Color: Mini Tamiya
  • SKU: 34044181-mini-tamiya
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It is a wonderful programable mosfet unit and easy to use, the unit is small(38*15*8mm). Plug in your battery the light flashes and you use your Tigger to get to the right mode then setting it 



*Adjustable 1-9 round burst. ROF of burst (0.005 sec intervals)
*Programmable for up to 3 consecutive 3-round bursts with one trigger pull
*Usable via plug'n'play or hardwired trigger switch bypass
*Full auto burst delay (0.1 sec intervals)
*ROF adjustment
*ROF reduction has no penalty on trigger response time
*MILSIM round counting functionality (semi auto, full auto, and burst)
*Magazine capacity setting
*1~15 sec delay for magazine reset / "reload"
*LIPO low voltage cutoff
*Motor soft start
*Trigger switch arcing reduction
*Sniper mode delay (0.2 sec increments)
*Active braking
*Super low resistance wires
*Tap-burst mode (hardwired only)
*Permanently stores user settings
*Piston pre-cocking function
*Adaptive smart reset-able fuse
*Supports Lipo LiFePO4 battery, voltages from 7.4v to 16v.
*Micro switch safe
The URRKII G3 mosfet has a 6 months warranty for product defects from the date of purchase. All G3 mosfet will production defect will be replaced by URRKII.
WARRANTY VOLID except the G3 is:
-modified the connectors by the user, or any of its parts is damaged due to bad installation.
-wires are cut or with damaged insulation.
-has traced of bad handling,submerging in water.
-if higher than 16V batteries are used.
Connector for choice:
---T plug
---Mini tamiya connector
This AEG mosfet can protect your trigger contacts and reduce arching by 50%. You can feel the trigger sharper and rersponse crisper.
It compatable with all Airsoft AEG Gearboxes, includes airsoft electric pistol, airsoft electric guns, airsoft electric rifles.
All programmable funtion in this small unit, pretty easy to use!