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Caffeine Mil-Sim Pyro Package

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Caffeine Airsoft Pyro package is a great mid ranged crate of pyro greatness! 

M11 Multi Bang Device – Ring Pull - Pack of 6 

M12 Flash Bang Device Ring Pull - Pack of 12

M13 Thermobaric Bang Device - Pack of 6 

M38 Single Vent Smoke Friction Device - Pack of 12 



If any products become unavailable we will give you the option to substitute the product for another.

Delivery is usually within 2 days. Will will contact you if this changes.

Images courtesy of Bulk Pyro Supplies
Photos for illustration purposes. Some items may not be part of the package


M11 Multi Bang

Using the Military Style Pull Fuse system, is a distraction device. A single loud bang and flashes of brilliant white light would be enough to distract your opponents.

But with the M11 Multi Bang Device the effect is repeated twice in quick succession offering even more distraction making them the first choice for Milsim bunker or building storming. The military Pull Fuse ignition system replicates many of today’s real grenades operation adding easy of use with realism to any airsoft or paintball skirmish.


M12 Thunderflash

The natural evolution of the ever popular Thunderflash, the M12 Distraction Device is the combination of this well used and enjoyed flash bang device coupled with the Military Style Pull Fuse ignition system giving it the realist look demanded by MilSim players.

Ideal for bunker clearing, building entries and storming games, the loud report and dazzling flash can enable cover for all manor of manoeuvres within any paintball or airsoft environment.


M13 Thermobaric Device

The M13 is the latest incarnation of the well proven Thermobaric device. The dazzling flash generated by the canister for a low volume has made the Thermobaric device popular in urban sites and those where noise restrictions have to be considered.

The M13 combines on a Military Style ignition system to add ease of use and realism to any paintball or airsoft event.


M38 Smoke

To use it is easy as can be. Twist off the cap and use the end to strike the exposed fuse, like a safety match. Then the device will start to produce a thick cloud of smoke for 60 second estimated burn time.