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Ghillie Suit

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Size: S height 120-150cm
  • SKU: 32992811804-S height 120-150cm
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Men Women Kids Outdoor Ghillie Suit Camouflage Clothes Jungle Suit CS Training Leaves Clothing Hunting Suit Pants Hooded Jacket



Item name: Camouflage clothing

Model number: CS-Leaves

Size: S / M / L

Color: Green camouflage

Material: Synthetic Fiber

Season: Spring / Summer / Autumn

Good for: Hunting / Shooting / Wildfowling / Stalking


Size Chart

Size S 120-150cm height  (normal weight)

Chest Size:36.2 inches  (92cm)

Waist Size:adjustable,22-34.6 inches (56-88cm)

Shoulder:13.8 inches (35cm)

Sleeve:15.8 inches (40cm)  

Jacket Length:22 inches (56cm)

Pants Length:33 inches(84cm)


Size M 160-180cm height (normal weight)

Chest Size:50 inches  (126cm)

Waist Size:adjustable, up to 41 inches (104cm)

Shoulder:22 inches (55.8cm)

Sleeve:29 inches (75cm)  

Jacket Length:28 inches (72cm)

Pants Length:40 inches(101cm)


Size L 180-195cm height (normal weight)

Chest Size: 56 inches  (144cm)

Waist Size: adjustable, up to 45 inches (114cm)

Sleeve: 32 inches (80cm) 

Jacket Length: 30 inches (78cm)

Pants Length: 41 inches(105cm)


Package Includes


2. Pant