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Bluetooth Chronograph

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Color: With Bluetooth
  • SKU: 1005001316012290-China-With Bluetooth
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Support measuring initial velocity, firing speed and energy of motion.
Support free falling speed measurement, such as BBs, Steel balls and Leadballs.
Equipped with memory function, multigroups of calculating data in memory to meet your various testing requirements.
LCD display, multiunits display of m/s, FPS, J, J/c㎡, FT, r/s.
The APP support 8 languages adjustable, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish.
Built in high-sensitive testing sensor for high accuracy testing, the error is 0.35%.
Mobilephone supports IOS and Android system.
BT and APP Sync Data.

Material: plastics
Battery: 1 * 3.7V, 400mAh battery  (included)
Input: USB DC5V
BT version: BT 2.0
Item size: 130 * 110 * 60mm / 5.12 * 4.33 * 2.36in
Item weight: 250g / 8.82ounce
Package size: 170 * 160 * 70mm / 6.69 * 6.30 * 2.76in
Package weight: 520g / 1.15lb

Packing List:
1 * Velometer
1 * Stand
1 * USB Cable
1 * Guideline

Gunpowder guns are not recommended.
Passed the EU CE certification

technical parameter
Fierate: 0-3600 rate of fire/min
Speed: 2-1500m/s (10-5000 fps)
Energy: 0-999 J
Range: 0-999 m
Accuracy: error ≤0.5%
Weight input range: 0.01g- 99.99g
Caliber input range: 0.01mm-99.99mm
Main size: 109*132*61mm
Protection tube diameter: 36.5mm
Working environment temperature: -10℃~+50℃
If you buy the "with WiFi version", you can check the data on your mobile phone, computer, etc. in the following ways.
If you buy the voice version, you can choose to turn off the voice broadcast muzzle velocity every time you shoot.
HT6000 (standard configuration) does not have VOICE and WiFi.