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3.5 inch IPS TYPEC secondary screen case, mini case secondary screen, computer monitor usb secondary screen free of AIDA64

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Software download address

3.5 inch:

Beautiful wallpaper:

English version link:

(If you encounter problems or do not understand how to use, please contact customer service in time)

Display area: 49*74mm

Dimensions: 55*85mm

Resolution: 320*480

Thickness: 7~8mm

Viewing angle: IPS full viewing angle

Interface: USB-TYPEC

Shell material: metal

1. How to use?
Link the mini secondary screen with the computer, and then start our customized software, no need for AIDA64, no need for other cumbersome settings

2. Why doesn't the graphics card data move?
General notebook users generally use independent monitors on standby, and only use the core monitor to save power, and the secondary monitor monitors the more important independent monitor. Of course, the graphics card monitors the data does not change.

3. Can other content be displayed?
No, it can only display the content of custom software settings

4. USB interface version?
USB1.0 USB2.0 USB3.0 unlimited, as long as it is USB

A new generation of USB-C computer secondary screen

No need for additional power supply, no need for HDMI, only a USB data cable

Multi-theme continuous online update

Support horizontal and vertical screen switching
Energy saving and environmental protection
Turn off the screen automatically after shutdown
Comfortable eye protection
Brightness stepless adjustment

Breaking through physical limitations, it can be used as long as there is a USB port

The small USB head is plugged into the secondary screen, and the big USB head is plugged into the computer (see the picture below)
Free 1 meter data cable when placing an order

Leave professional things to professional software
One-click operation
Change background image with one click
One-click switch theme
Adjust brightness
Auto-start at boot
Set weather forecast city

How to use the screen: Download the driver and unzip it into a folder, then right-click the icon in the figure below to run it as an administrator.