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1024*600 IPS HD 7-inch With Screen Temperature Monitoring Secondary Screen Desktop For Raspberry Pi Computer Display Case

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Color: IPS HD 7-inch
  • SKU: 44982720-ips-hd-7-inch
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AIDA64 download and design tutorial:
Password: bxav

After installation, you can request a software setup tutorial

The software installation tutorial contains a template. Once it is sent out, it will not be returned, please light it into the system before requesting it, please be aware
Screen wiring tutorial:
Video version:
Link: Extraction code: qd5n

Common problem handling:


Doesn't light up, no response, no signal on blue screen?


If it is a black screen and there is no response at all, then check whether the power supply is connected properly. You can first try to enter the blue screen standby interface without plugging in HDMI. If there is no signal, check the connection of the driver board cable and the connection of the HDMI cable. It is best to test whether to enter the desktop without connecting the extension cable. You can also right-click in the computer system to display the settings and see if the screen is detected. If the screen is not bright, the first is that the cable is not connected properly, and the second is the driver. Problem, uninstall the driver in the official download and install again.


Does the screen have black stripes or something?


Generally, it is caused by not connecting the cable properly. If the cable is checked and there is no problem, you can plug in the key board and press the 2 buttons close to the infrared receiver at the same time to enter the engineering mode and adjust the VCOM parameters. How much, just adjust to normal and perfect display



You can think of it as just a small display (it is)
Can be used as a live broadcast secondary screen to watch the barrage
You can put the desktop OR case to view the computer real-time temperature and frequency and other parameters
You can watch online lessons on TV while playing games

Computer temperature monitoring丨Voltage丨Fan rotation‖Game FPS

It can also be used as an ordinary screen to watch TV, watch live broadcast, play games, etc.
Does monitoring occupy computer resources?
The software used by the temporary control is AIDA64, which takes up very low brain resources, so there is no need to worry about affecting computer performance
And it supports automatic startup monitoring when booting, no need to open a browser to monitor
I want to put it inside the case
Yes, the monitor can be placed anywhere, if it is placed in the case, it is recommended to buy HDMI
With DuPont power supply line, the fixing method can be non-marking double-sided tape, or back against the Zhongyuan lamp position
There is no need to worry about problems such as not setting up, and there are tutorials specifically recorded hardware installation video and monitoring template installation
How many monitoring templates are there? Are they provided ?
There are nearly 10 horizontal and vertical screen templates made in the mouth, and the template configuration file will be updated for free when you purchase the screen.

Every time any wire is inserted, it must be turned off and power off, otherwise it will not be guaranteed if it is burnt out.


The display screen is directly connected to the driver board:


Note: The black clip at the connection of the drive board can be opened. After inserting the cable, press it down to lock it tightly. The contact point at the drive board is facing up! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



Schematic diagram of aviation HDMI wiring in the chassis:


Pay attention to the front and back of the picture and whether it is inserted neatly!


USB 9PIN wiring method in the chassis: connect to the 9pin interface with USBXXX written below, pay attention to the position of the missing pins to be aligned